Traveling Butterflies

The winds of change are found in the fluttering of butterfly wings. Cecily Witcher, a former model with the historic Grace Del Marco agency, founded Traveling Butterflies a butterfly accessories based company in 2012. She had no idea the road she traveled during her personal journey of healing would lead to the creation of one of the world’s most innovative fashion accessories companies.

Traveling Butterflies specializes in hand crafted butterfly accessories; those accessories include head pieces, earrings, ear cuffs, hair combs, etc. We have expanded from one category with one product to several categories with over fifty products. Every piece from Traveling Butterflies is custom made with the guidance and vision of Cecily Witcher.

“The butterfly is a symbol of change. We must acknowledge that the metamorphosis process is a part of life. Stay strong during the difficult times, embrace the beauty during the great ones, and be thankful for the experiences. Our butterflies represent healing, growth, change, confidence and the natural beauty within. All of our pieces are created with love and compassion to comfort you on your journey.” – Cecily Witcher

Our product offerings will continue to expand along with availability in physical stores and online access throughout the world. Currently, Traveling Butterflies can be found at stores in Manhattan, Southampton, and within the state of South Carolina. Shopping is available online with the option of international shipping. Butterflies continue to land in new cities every day. We’re very pleased that our customers enjoy our products as much as we enjoy creating them; continuous support has helped our brand maintain successful growth month after month.

Traveling Butterflies is located in a studio at the City of Greer Center for the Arts.