Olive’s Branch Auction Gallery

Class, style, elegance, fair value, honesty, integrity, and customer advocates are more than words on a page to describe Olive’s Branch Auction Gallery. We are an Auction Gallery and offer a service to the market enabling transfer or sales of valued antiques, art, and collectibles with a professional manner and the utmost respect. We look forward to every auction or sale as an opportunity to meet new people and create a positive experience.

We strive to create an energized auction community at each event, with a special eye toward live auctions at Olive’s Branch Auction Gallery in downtown Greer, South Carolina. We believe live auctions are an opportunity for all participants to experience the energy of competitive bidding while creating an enjoyable event for everyone. Our goal is to recreate the memories of our founder, Deb Mastny, and the auctions from her adolescent years that were full of the thrill of bidding and awards as well as observing and learning.