J. Carter & Associates

Before he opened his own independent insurance agency, Joseph Carter spent 10 years as a paramedic. He discovered that there are a lot of seniors who would say they needed to go to the hospital, but they couldn’t afford it. Even with Medicare, there are some copays that hinder people from getting the best care. His goal now is to help these people get the best healthcare without worrying about the financial burden that goes with that. This involves helping people pick the plan that’s right for them and being available for questions or to help decipher paperwork that shows up at home.

J. Carter and Associates helps with Medicare, home, auto, and business insurance, and specializes in Senior care. Joseph treats each person as family and is not focused on selling you anything, but helping you select the best choice for something you already know you need. When he’s not in the office on Poinsett, you might catch him camping with his family, fishing, hunting, or hitting the gym.